FB: More Stuff for Your Room

by Lannie "Merlandese" Neely III



These are the extra songs from Fleuret Blanc that have a place in my heart, but most certainly not in my first album. Some are in the game and some were once considered but lost during the fifth season of the reality show I held just for this purpose.


released August 1, 2012

Lannie "Merlandese" Neely III
Sarai White


all rights reserved



Lannie "Merlandese" Neely III Klamath Falls, Oregon

I have a tendency to music-make and game-make and coffee-make.

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Track Name: Salut ~ Funky
I made this specifically for the bedroom, as a way of "customizing" headquarters, I suppose. It only plays if you get the radio and the corresponding music chip--whatever that is. The radio itself uses a fanciful technology to play three songs, one of which is this pseudo-funk.

"Note: Learn how to make real funk."
Track Name: Salut ~ Playful (Unused)
This was going to be for mini-games around the château. One in particular was going to deal with a train set in the attic. That's pretty fun sounding, right? I agree.

But the relevance of that mini-game (as well as many others) made it a waste of time. And this song was both obsolete and too cheery for around the château. I would have stored it in the radio, but music takes up a lot of space, and I prefer my players to have ample memory for the cult classic Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

"Note: Get Dr. Quinn special blu-ray collection as Xmas present to self. Pat self on back."
Track Name: Roland's Piano Solo
Roland plays the piano. Go figure. His mother taught him, which has a strange tie-in to one of the "unspoken" mysteries of the game.

I originally had a theme for Roland (see next song) that was like his bout theme except with this melody. This piano solo is based on his theme, which would make perfect sense if I hadn't removed his theme from the game entirely. Turns out that "Platonic" is a worthwhile enough song for everyone.

This also plays on Flore's radio.
Track Name: Roland's Theme (Unused)
Like a hybrid between "Roland's Piano Solo" and "Sunday Member ~ Sealed Urn." I cut it from the game. I didn't need it. Nor do you. But have a listen anyway, please.
Track Name: Gratuitous Shower Scene
Probably the only scene I had full confidence in when making this game was the one in which Florentine strips down to her birthday suit and scrubs clean in the shower/bath. It was fully animated, about twelve minutes long, and the curve of Flore's brown waist was enough to make Elton John second guess. But the space required to store the footage was quintuple that of the game, so I hacked it down to a minute of shower splashing sound effects and a cute voice.

I'll look back on this decision ten years from now and count it as my worst. And so will you.

"Note: Shower Scene - The Game. Starring Zoe Saldana, Kate Beckinsale, and narration by Jeff Goldblum. I'll sell millions."
Track Name: Man's Frontier ~ Piano Ver.
Let's talk about life for a second. I mean really talk. Just us. Like old times.


Where are you going?

"Note: Get to know you better."
Track Name: Music Box (Unused)
This used to be the placeholder for the song "Histoire," but was removed as soon as I stopped being lazy long enough to make the real version. This song is part of a theme used in a scrapped project and still has potential. If I hadn't replaced it, it would have been stuck in Fleuret Blanc--an awfully stuffy and humid place to be stuck, I assure you.

The wheel in this music box must be super large to play this whole song out, you know?
Track Name: Capsamyn (Unused)
There was once a mini-game in the computer room that was themed after Capsamyn, Fleuret Blanc's version of Pokemon. Since Junior represents more of the materialistic collecting-for-collection's-sake personality typical of the 100% completionist gamers, playing the Capsamyn game gave points towards Junior's member association (which was nice because Junior shows up late so it's harder to get her association).

Originally, playing Capsamyn was an exercise for a mini-game that would take place at the end of the game. I thought it would be a good idea to let player's practice the gameplay before tossing them right in at the last minute. And the Capsmyn/Junior link was a nice thematic touch.

However, I pulled it out for three good reasons. First, Capsamyn was so far out of the way most testers never even found it, let alone got better at playing the intended game. Second, It took up a lot of space, which might have been fine if not for the first reason. Third, I got rid of the final mini-game thing, which made this obscure, out-of-the-way Pokemon reference purposeless other than to make more commentary on Junior's state of mind.

"Note: Play more Pokemon."
Track Name: FB Promotional Trailer
Made this especially for the trailer. And the trailer was made by Josh "The Tumbleweed" Tredinnick. So all is well on that front.

There's really not much to say about this. Time for coffee.

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