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Fleuret Blanc. OST

by Lannie "Merlandese" Neely III

Because of my disrespect for authority, this info will be placed as lyrics. Take that, conformists! The main theme of the game. That's right, I got all unique and made the main theme play during the title screen. You like that? More inventiveness to come, I assure you. The dominant melody showcased here threads throughout other tracks, sometimes less "sad," and sometimes more. It also combines well with "Platonic (Florentine's Theme)," and the descending melody can be heard near the end as it fades. If you listen closely, you can hear Squeaker's bark in the distance. You listening? Listen even closer. Closeeeerrrr... Okay, I lied about all that. But now that I brought it up, it would have been pretty cool to sneak some subliminal audio in there. I'm going to write that down as a personal note. "Note: Be a better musician and use subliminal audio. Milk. Eggs."
Tension 01:54
Matin 00:28
This is Florentine's theme, unfettered. You can hear traces of it in several other songs. The descending notes adds more character, I think, and also implies a bit darker of a tale. The original of this had more harpsichord and sounded a bit more like Bach, but it also didn't sound as good.
The Judges 01:31
This was meant to be a simple tutorial theme, but after watching Squeaker give the bout tutorial, I knew I should just make it his theme altogether. Not very dog-like, nor very French, but I'm still happy with its position in the game.
Salut 02:05
This was the first song I made for the game. The original soundtrack was going to be a little more chipper, and "Salut" in particular was inspired by Joe Dassin's brilliant song of the same name. Also, an arrangement of "Aux Champs Elysées" was going to be the main theme. Believe it. Somehow it would have been creepier if I had kept it, you know? Imagine it. With your brain. "Note: Listen to 'Salut' by Joe Dassin about a thousand more times."
D'Affaires 01:22
Text Message 00:14
I would never use this for my phone. It makes you wonder what kind of junky engineer the designer of the e-Virtuelle really is. Here, you can have it for free.
Collection 01:45
I had lost the blueprints for this song about eight months prior to writing this passage. I resigned to not adding it to the album at all because the quality wouldn't be any better than the Ogg track in the game, except maybe with a fade-out. Sometimes I lose my beer in the same way. I get frustrated and open a new one, only to find the old one the next morning by my toilet, where I had apparently set it before doing the well-known and honorable task of aiming correctly into the porcelain throne whilst toxic. No easy feat, ladies. So here's the song. It wasn't next to my toilet, but it may as well have been. "Note: Buy beer."
Enquête 02:08
This was originally made for my Crestfallen project, but I thought it worked really well in Fleuret Blanc. If I ever go back to Crestfallen, I may or may not still use this track. Maybe I'll alter it in some way to define that it's in a different game. What I like most about this track is its time signature. Time signature's are sexiest when they're odd--not unlike ladies. "Note: Always say 'ladies' as though Billy Dee is judging you from afar."
Légendaires 01:52
This track is by Michael "Garoad" Kelly and is especially awesome. It captured an element in the game's atmosphere I'm simply not able to. Although I find the name is a lot more dramatic than the events I put them in... namely, the lunch events.
This was one of the last tracks I made. No matter what I tried, I couldn't get it right. So I decided to peruse my really old MIDI songs--of abysmal quality--that I had made five or more years ago. This song in a much less polished version was stuffed in one of those old music files. I figured I'd refurbish the beast and see if it had any potential. I added a bass line (it didn't have one before) and changed some instruments to violin and viola. Luckily, it suited Amara's bout exactly the way I wanted, so I kept it.
Trying to solve the e-Virtuelle image puzzle? I commend you, mon ami. But do not think you can start the trail here. Every clue becomes important in the end, d'accord? Here is a nice hint, though. Your final destination is on the Fleuret Blanc website. I should not interfere yet, yes? I leave the harder puzzles to your great mind. -Squeaker
Seven Days 02:18
"Seven Days" was called "Les Lèvres Pincées," which sort of translates to "Pursed Lips." As much as I thought the title was appropriate, nothing has ever really stuck. I bought Dragon Blood incense, a crystal, some divination cards, and really, really searched my soul on this one, but my soul was watching reruns of Scrubs season 3, so no dice. At the last minute I named it "Seven Days" because of the tie-in. Plus, Americans don't much care for the French titles. This song was initially crafted to be sung by Sarai White, the lady who voiced Florentine. You can kind of tell that it has a different build than most of my music.
Alone 01:03
I totally improvised this. It's not magical or spectacular by any means, but it captures that "secret area" mood I was going for. I had to do it on the spot because my pre-meditated songs can lose that lonely simplicity really fast.
I was forced to make this song during community service after I was accused of scouting a bank for robbery. The judge, as harsh and hate-filled as any FOIL judge, proclaimed that I needed to fill four-and-a-half community work minutes with music most wonderful or my "head would be off faster than a loose pair of swim trunks at a public water slide." She was a curious judge, and a great cook (vegetarian popcorn shrimp! I didn't think it possible!), so I made this song and placed it carefully in between the scene where Roland fixes his bike and the spot in Judge Grams' dresser drawer where she stores her ginger snaps. "Note: Make track information less useless."
The Boss 01:42
This is the second track by Michael "Garoad" Kelly. This plays when fighting Junior, a gamer that I wanted to somewhat represent possession by commercialism. Naturally, I asked Garoad to make the song sound like a Pokemon-era throwback, and he did a great job of it. This is probably the most intense of the bout themes, and Junior is no easy match.
As sub-par as this song is, it wasn't easy for me. Fast-paced or action-like songs are the electric shock to my areola. I wanted it to have the main themes in it, obviously, but more battle-y than the other fencing bouts. So I muscled in some low quality guitar and synths, then pretended like I have even the slightest clue about playing organ-based jazzy stuff. This song only plays once in the game.
This is a one-time only song that plays near the end of the game. It's like a reprise of "Pensées Intérieures," but shorter and just as piano-y. Maybe I should have made it orchestral, but the simplicity of the song helped with the complexity of the scene. For those who haven't played the game, this is the scene where Grams reveals that she's a gay robot. It's touching, edgy, and humorous in a way that only genius writers such as myself can be.
Finale 03:46
What can I say at this point...? Did you play the game or just listen to the soundtrack? The game's free. Like, for realz, yo. And guess what plays at the end? This song right here. "Finale." Appropriately named because (a) it's at the end of the game and (b) it's the French word for being at the end of the game, and I'm not sure if you were paying attention at all but Fleuret Blanc has sort of French theme going on. So go ahead, play it. And enjoy this song, because it's about as orchestral as this soundtrack gets.


The soundtrack to the indie game, Fleuret Blanc. Most of the audio was hand-crafted by me (Lan, aka Merlandese), while a few of the better tracks were created by my musical rival/buddy Garoad (credited appropriately somewhere around here; you look for it, I'm not your mother).

Buying the soundtrack is pretty cool, but I highly suggest you listen to it for free right here--or find a friend who's already bought it and pilfer the data from them. I'm serious. Money's not cheap, so don't spend that sweet paper gold here when you need a coffee the way you do. Don't think I didn't notice that empty coffee mug and sad eye twitch. Refill, my friend, and think nothing of my musical kindness.

If your time needs filling, I've also written comically true information within some tracks (a) explaining my inspirations, (b) musing about life's least interesting mysteries and (c) by typing haphazardly with my face.


The songs "Legendaires" and "The Boss" were made entirely by Michael "Garoad" Kelly.


released August 1, 2012

Lannie "Merlandese" Neely III
Michael "Garoad" Kelly


all rights reserved



Lannie "Merlandese" Neely III Klamath Falls, Oregon

I have a tendency to music-make and game-make and coffee-make.

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